Rail Baltica architektūros, kraštovaizdžio ir vizualinės identitetės projektavimo gairės, RBR 2018/6

Paskelbta: 08.06.2018
Pateikimo data: 18.07.2018

RB Rail AS announces Open Competition Architectural, landscaping and visual identity design guidelines for Rail Baltica(identification No RBR 2018/6)


The contracting authority the joint stock company RB Rail AS, registration number 40103845025, registered address: Kr. Valdemara iela 8 – 7, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia organises Open Competition “Architectural, landscaping and visual identity design guidelines for Rail Baltica”.

The identification number of this procurement is: RBR 2018/6.

The applicable CPV codes are:

Main CPV code: 71000000-8 (Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services);

Additional CPV codes: 71420000-8 (Landscape architectural services); 71318000-0 (Advisory and consultative engineering services) 71241000-9 (Feasibility study, advisory service, analysis), 71210000-3 (Advisory architectural services).

Open Competition and subject matter is co-financed by Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).
Open competition is organised in accordance with Public procurement law of Latvia.

This Open Competition is carried out using E-Tenders system which is subsystem of the Electronic Procurement System ( https://www.eis.gov.lv/EKEIS/Supplier).

To apply as a Tenderer for this procurement Interested supplier has to register in E-Tenders system by submitting Tenderer’s Electronic Procurement System registration documents (if the tenderer is not registered in Electronic Procurement System) in State Regional Development Agency (please see information here: http://www.railbaltica.org/procurement/e-procurement-system/).


Subject Matter of Open Competition

Subject matter and the aim of the Open competition is to work out the technically and economically most feasible set of criteria, rules, typical solutions and conceptual drawings and guidance – the architectural, landscaping and visual identity design guidelines for Rail Baltica (set of predefined and standardized technically and economically justified architectural, engineering and design solutions for Rail Baltica to be applied at design, construction and operation phases of the Railway) (hereinafter – ALG) of the Rail Baltica as mandatory ALG. The ALG guidelines as part of Design Guidelines will be mandatory for all stakeholders involved in design and construction of the Railway.


Availability of Open Competition Documents

The Open Competition regulation and all its annexes are available at the E-Tenders system in profile of publication in webpage  https://www.eis.gov.lv/EKEIS/Supplier/Procurement/11623 and at  the Contracting authority’s Internet webpage http://www.railbaltica.org/tenders/ (see section open competition documents below). Regulation of Open Competition is available free of charge. 


Submission of Proposals

Proposals shall be submitted electronically using the tools offered by the E-Tenders system available at  https://www.eis.gov.lv/EKEIS/Supplier/Procurement/11623  by 18 July 2018 till 15:00 o’clock.

Only Proposals submitted to the E-Tenders system will be accepted and evaluated for participation in the procurement procedure. Any Proposal submitted outside the E-Tenders system will be declared as submitted in a non-compliant manner and will not participate in the procurement procedure.

Opening of Proposals

Proposals will be opened in the E-Tenders system on 18 July 2018 at 15:00 o’clock during the open meeting. It is possible to follow the opening of submitted proposals online in the E-Tenders system.


Contact persons of Company

In administrative aspects of the Open Competition: Procurement specialist, Baiba Ūbele, telephone: +371 26273973, e-mail address: baiba.ubele@railbaltica.org;


In aspects concerning subject-matter of Procurement: Senior Spatial Planning Specialist, Mārtiņš Ulāns, telephone: +371 26406119, e-mail address: martins.ulans@railbaltica.org.


Open Competition Documents (Downloads)

  1. Open competition “Architectural, landscaping and visual identity design guidelines for Rail Baltica” Regulation (download).
  2. MS Word format Annexes (Annex #1, Annex #2, Annex #3, Annex #4, Annex #5, Annex #6, Annex #7, Annex #8, Annex #9).