Architects from Denmark PLH Arkitekter continue meta monitoring in the Rail Baltica project

Architects from PLH Arkitekter Denmark redesigning the Rīga Central Station Terminal continue to oversee their design for the Rail Baltica project. A productive meeting of the design team, led by BERERIX, was held. It examines the development of a meta design project by a foreign architectural firm, Crew Architects, which specializes in railway station design, working in partnership with Latvian architectural firm Arhis Arhitekti and landscape architects from company Labie Koki.

“Our goal is to support the development process of a high-quality construction project for the new Riga Central Station Terminal. I appreciate the constructive and collaborative atmosphere in the design team. The development of the project presented by Crew Architekts has left a good impression on me. We are also aware of the challenges posed by the conditions determined by the Joint Venture RB Rail AS on the usefulness of the project for regional traffic. We continue working in order to provide more comments and suggestions,” says Steen Enrico Andersen, Architect, Managing Partner of PLH Arkitekter.


Kaspars Vingris, Chairman of the Board of Eiropas Dzelzceļa Līnijas, the implementing body of the Rail Baltica project in Latvia, is pleased to have created a constructive working atmosphere within the extensive design team in order to develop solutions for the most complex Rail Baltica link in Latvia - reconstruction of the Central Station, the bridge over Daugava and the surrounding infrastructure solutions. "Professional and constructive collaboration is an indication of a high-quality result, which is the goal of the project. A result we can be proud of in the future. As early as in the beginning of April we will be able to publicly present the accomplishments of the extensive team and everyone will have a chance to see what the Rail Baltica Center in Latvia will look like,” he says.


We have already announced that the general partnership BERERIX Rail Baltica will carry out the design and construction of the Central Station on the basis of the design solution chosen in the meta contest. It is a sketch of a project for the development of the station and its surroundings, developed by PLH Arkitekter in cooperation with COWI, a Danish architectural firm. Following the meta design competition at the end of 2017, Eiropas Dzelzceļa Līnijas and PLH Arkitekter signed an agreement on architectural technical support services for the development of the complex construction project of Rail Baltica Riga Railway Bridge and Riga Central Multimodal Public Transport Node. The contract provides for PLH Arkitekter to review the architectural section to maintain oversight of the architectural meta design. The contract is valid until the end of 2021 and also stipulates the maximum amount of services - 640 thousand euros.


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