Did you know that driving by car from Tallinn to Riga is 4h but with Rail Baltica it will only take 1h 42 min? See more benefits

In brief

The total length of line is 870 km
The estimated cost of the project is 5,8 billion €
Rail Baltica will create approximately 36 000 jobs


Geotechnical investigations in Baldone, Garkalne, Incukalns, Kekava, Ropazi, Salaspils and Stopini

As part of the implementation of the Rail Baltica railway project, from October 2019 to the end of 2021 in Vangazi-Salaspils-Misa section the geotechnical field work will be carried out to prepare for the development of Rail Baltica's technical solutions. The research will take place in the...

Signing of the memorandum on public involvement in the design and construction of Rail Baltica

The Rail Baltica project implementers and representatives of several non-governmental organizations in Latvia agreed on regular information exchange, mutual consultation and involvement in the implementation of the Rail Baltica project by signing a joint memorandum of cooperation.

Design phase in Lithuania: approximately 15 site investigations completed every day

Site investigations for the main Rail Baltica line in Lithuania are currently underway in the Jonava region. Kelprojektas – a local company under the supervision of Spanish IDOM – is currently surveying the area from the towns of Švecarija to Šėta. Special attention is paid to the site w...

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